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Nordmann fir Christmas Tree, 150-175 cm

Nordmann fir Christmas Tree, 150-175 cm

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Easy to set up, maintain and decorate - our freshly cut Nordmann fir Christmas trees appears in beautiful symmetrical shapes enclosed in rich deep green colors.

Free delivery in Esbjerg, DK


Our trees are grown on our family-owned farm in Denmark with more than 100 years' specialist experience in cultivating Christmas firs.

Our trees are pruned regularly throughout the year to achieve their beautiful symmetrical shape, and sustainable fertilised to ensure even growth and a deep, rich colour.

On average, each tree is lovingly cared for and looked after for between 8 and 12 years, before it is ready to come home for Christmas.


A natural Nordmann fir tree is far greener and more ethical than an artificial tree, which you would have to re-use for about 10 years to have the same environmental impact.

While the trees are growing, they help the environment by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and nitrogen from the soil.

For every tree that is ordered, hand picked and cut down, we plant at least another one. When delivering a tree we only use carrier made from recycled material.


When it comes to Christmas tree delivery we take great care to ensure our trees arrives in tip top condition.

Firstly our trees is netted to protect the branches and foliage, before being placed into our specially designed Nordmann fir Christmas tree transportation bag or carrier.

The carrier is made from recyclable material which protects your tree to ensure it stays in shape during transit. If you purchase a single tree, a stand or decorations with your tree, it will also be placed inside the carrier.

When your Christmas tree has been delivered you will want to ensure that you open it carefully.


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